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Classical music is a genre of music which was developed in the classical period. During the twentieth century the classical music was further expanded in bring in more variety and style with the elements of current musical form. Classical music has roots of western music which may also include secular or religious music. Classical music is different from folk and other popular music. It involves using more of musical instruments like contrabass, trombone, cello, recorder, organ, fortepiano, timpani etc. It involved major use of four types of instruments stringed, woodwinds, keyboard and brass instruments.

Styles of classical music:

Symphony: Symphony is a classical music form that is mostly used in orchestras. This music consists of four sections or movements and alters from fast to slow. They may also have three movements i.e. fast slow fast. Some of the well-known classical symphony composers are Haydn, Schubert, Mahler, Brahma and Tchaikovsky.

Concerto: It is a musical form where an orchestra accompanies the solo instrument. This for is further divided into two styles The Baroque concerto and the classical concerto. This involves vocal music along with instrumental music. Concerto gross was very popular during 1676. A small group of instruments or soloists accompanied by some instruments were referred to as ripieno whereas tutti referred to two groups playing music simultaneously.

Suite: A combination of musical pieces that are short used for orchestra or solo is called as suite. They are also known as Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker suite.

Opera: These are large musical pieces which are a combination of theatre and music. They comprises of a full orchestra, choir, solo singers etc. They act as well as sing during their performance. Operas are known for their musical elements. Some of the famous operas are Wagner Ring cycle, Mozart’s magic flute, Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, Bizet’s Carmen.

Sonata: This form is similar to symphony. It comprises the use of a single or two instruments. A piano sonata will be the usage of piano alone. On the other hand a violin sonata may also have piano as a supporting instrument.

Duos, trios, quartets, and quintets, Sextets, Octets: They are used as small group of instruments. They may include combination of different types of instruments. Interplay of these instruments is the major factor of this kind of music. The most popular form of this kind of music is string quartet which will include 2 violins, cello and a viola, these music are complex hence used at serious places.

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